Hong Kong Food Investment Holdings Limited (“HK Food Inv”) engages in Hong Kong the businesses of trading of frozen meats, seafood and vegetables, operation of restaurant, marketing of meat products, communication and advertising design and investment in food companies, with trading of frozen meats being its core business.


HK Food Inv is one of the largest frozen meats importers in Hong Kong. Imported items include poultry, pork, beef, marine products and other frozen food products which are sourced from major meat producing countries, such as South America, the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Holland, France, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and etc. With more than seventy years of history, HK Food Inv has built up a long-term and excellent business relationship with major meats manufacturers and suppliers around the world, particularly in Brazil. The Company is also a market leader in the Hong Kong frozen meats market, attributing to its persistently developing of high quality products to the consumers. Leveraging on its financial strength, long-established market leading position and actively bringing in superior quality frozen meats, HK Food Inv’s distribution network extensively covers every sector of the frozen meats market in Hong Kong, including major supermarket chains, fast food chains, Chinese restaurants, western restaurants, hotels, airlines, catering distributors and frozen meat retailers in the wet market.


Pursuing for premium meats market segment, in late 2017, HK Food Inv has entered into a joint venture with one of the largest wagyu beef farmers and producers in Japan, namely Kamichiku Holdings Co., Ltd. In March 2018, a Japanese BBQ restaurant was opened in the busiest commercial and tourist district, Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, to promoting this high quality Japanese wagyu beef. Also, HK Food Inv has commenced to trade our joint venture partner’s branded “Satsuma” Japanese wagyu beef to high-end customer groups, including hotels and Japanese restaurant chains in Hong Kong since the third quarter of 2018.


Besides, HK Food Inv has an equity investment in Four Seas Mercantile Holdings Limited (“FSMHL”). FSMHL (Stock Code: 374) is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and is one of the largest food enterprises in Hong Kong whose food businesses span across distribution, manufacturing, retailing and catering. FSMHL markets and distributes a wide variety of food products, including biscuits, cakes, candies, chocolates, instant noodles, ice cream, milk powder, milk, sauces, condiments, hams and sausages and etc, including exclusive-distributed world famous brands and own proprietary brands, such as “Four Seas brand” for snacks and beverages and “Maid brand” for ham and sausages which are very popular in the consumer markets of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Moreover, FSMHL has 18 manufacturing plants in Hong Kong and Mainland China which produce a myriad of stringent quality-controlled food products. It also operates its own retail specialty Japanese snacks stores “Okashi Land” across Hong Kong and a collection of restaurants including Chinese restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, Japanese restaurants, fast food and café shops in Hong Kong and Mainland China.